Automatic video annotation for process engineers

AI-powered time and motion analysis provides you with VA/NVA, Production Time Breakdown and Overall Process Efficiency reports – never spend another minute tediously watching and logging items.

Automate your time and motion studies

Automatic video annotation lets you measure your workstation processes removing the need for anyone to tediously watch and note down what's happening in the video in-person. Moreover, videos are analysed faster than real-time, saving even more time.

Immediate visual feedback

Automatically generated Spaghetti diagrams help reduce non-value-added time spent in moving from one location to another to complete the work. The diagram makes the product flow clear and reduces confusion in the order of processing items.

Online reports and benchmarking

Understand what effect your changes had and measure progress over time. Production time breakdown helps to see the different classifications of time wasted and where they occur and compare them after changes have been made.

Finally, you can fully map your value stream

Get an overview of the full value stream. Flowbase can display multiple processes either as a single value stream for a coherent overview, or separately for a granular understanding.

Gathering data has never been faster

You don't need to manually write down the processes happening, Flowbase does it automatically for you. You just need to follow 4 simple steps that take only couple a of minutes
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Eliminate waste
A key principle of Lean manufacturing, we help to develop a faster, more dependable operation by eliminating waste
Save time
Inefficient working practices cost money – not only on the manufacturing floor, but also in process optimisation
Improve quality
It is difficult to define quality due to the ever-changing needs of the customer. This means companies need to be very fast to react to changes. Constant monitoring to standardize processes gives a competitive advantage
Reduce costs
More efficient process managament and optimization reduces cost. On time production reduces invetory size for components and the need to hold large product stocks
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